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The food at Marufuku looks great!


I enjoyed the post very much, it felt like I was reading a short story! We don't have that many good Japanese restaurants in London, surprising considering how many restaurants there are. I mean, there are all the expensive ones of course, but not many reasonably priced ones serving good quality food.


I just stumbled upon your blog, and I'm hooked! It's been a year since my trip to Japan, and I miss the culture/food/people so much! Thanks for the vicarious droolage.


Chili cheese dogs? Come on! I started to read this post a few days ago, but I had to stop and eat my own lunch.
I'm very interested in trying this place, and have told Aiko about it. She is going back to Tokyo tomorrow so she'll have plenty of time to check it out. As soon as you said hojicha, I knew I wanted to try this place. The only place I could get hojicha is at my old job. I miss it.

Mari L'Esperance

Marvelous! Too bad I'm in Oakland (California), but I'll be in Japan in May and may try to stop by for a bite. The fish looks fresh, succulent, and absolutely delectable. I can almost taste it through your beautiful photos. A feast for the senses, if only virtually! : )

(BTW, if you or anyone reading this is interested in poetry readings, I will be reading at The Pink Cow in Shibuya on May 19 with three other poets (Craig Arnold, Morgan Gibson, Taylor Mignon), so please come by! There'll be a DJ, books for sale, and plenty of food and drink...)


Thanks for the comments!

David and Mari, as much as I liked Marufuku I'm not sure if it's worth going out of the way for: it's very much a neighborhood place and I suspect that other neighborhoods have similar places. But if you're already in the area, then definitely stop by!

Thanks for letting us know about the poetry reading. I've never made it to the Pink Cow so that is a great excuse to go. I hope I can make it!


such a nice blog...i was in japan 2 years ago but thanks to your blog it brought back memories and made me feel as if i was there only a week ago.
lovely country and the people are the friendliest of all 36 countries i've visited so far! i enjoyed your post a lot!! thank you.

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